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Know all our staf like: cookers, guides, muleteers, office workers and our equipment for the expeditions.

We are a leader company, different and been proud of our land. Dedicated to attend to customers' concerns and expectancies, giving them a high quality personalized attends in all of our services in order to make an incomparable and unforgettable trip experience through our own equipment in different tourist activities. We have strategy alliances in the follow tourist destination: Lima, Nazca, Paracas, Arequipa and Puno whose share our passion to give a high quality personalized services. There are many options to trip to Peru; if you share our wish and curiosity to know our world where we live, just do not doubt to join us and begin to discover the secrets to this world. "We carry Peru to the world and bring world to Peru"

Do Adventures began with the objective to show the beauty and history of our country with impeccable service and expert Tour Guides, with languages according to our customers. We are dedicated to meet the needs, expectations of our customers giving a personal attention and high quality in all our services.

We are a leader of trekking tours to Machu Picchu, a tour operator fully responsible, friendly and completely reliable. . If you are looking a more relaxed vacation, we provide you the same level of services for our train and day tours. We offer different tours around Cusco region and we can arrange full Peruvian adventures for you. If you are looking at best vacation in your life, you arrived to the correct site, where you can find packages according to your needs. We make unforgettable your trip.


  • Local Peruvian tour operator 100%.
  • Best tour guides in the region according the customers language.
  • The meals provided on our treks is the best.
  • The best equipment (spacious tents, Air mats and more).
  • No hidden fees
  • Small groups and personalized services.
  • Friendly, Responsible and reliable on our service.
  • Many options to book any expedition in Peru.

OUR VISION: We give quality and personalized tours no matter what type of tour our clients prefer. We want those who choose to train to Machu Picchu to be treated with the same dedication as those who spend a few days with us hiking through the mountains. To be recognized as the leading Tour Agency & Operator in the Cusco Region & one that contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.


  • Honesty & integrity • Client = Friend
  • Commitment to the Culture and the Society of the Andean World.
  • Work in Team – Knowledge, Experience & Dedication.
  • Creative & Innovating – Solidarity
  • Replace attacks and criticisms by proposals & actions.
  • Made by Peruvians

OUR AMBITIONS: To build an entirely sustainable company that provides top quality service to Visitors in the Cusco region.

There are 7 reasons to trip with us:

1.- We are located in Cusco:local people working for you and been specialist in tourism area where you have a personalize service.

2.-Our Co-workers: A person who works with us knows that fulfilling customers´ expectancies is the first objective.
Our company is equipment with tourism professional people that work in foreign languages like Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
Our trek employments are qualified in first aids action and high mountain rescue.

3.- A Tour Operator that you could Trust: It is our mission, to offer your life´s trip.
If you are looking for an adventure trip, we could help you to discover wonderful landscapes, cultural and incredible places around Peru.
If you choose to travel by road program such as treks or extreme adventures, you are going to explore the exiting world.
When you book t your life´s trip, you want to be sure that it works, so we guarantee it operating a 100% personalized service.

4.- Traveling with Foreign People: Make you make to meet new friends, is our intention. Our customers are from different countries and different quantity; however they want to share their adventure spirit and watch the world as so as. Many of our passengers were grateful with our services because they could make new friends and interchange experiences.

5.- A Lonely Trip is not a Real Loneness: Many people travel with friends or couples, however more than half our passengers come alone because they know that they going to find friends with similar thoughts.
Trips on group could afraid to many individual travelers, but do not worry, our tourist leader is prepared to join you into a group.

6.- Our Transport: Vans, buses, automobiles are used in our services that are trustworthy and in good security rules. Into the car does not miss the first aids equipment to whatever eventuality.

7.- Strategy Alliances in others Cities:: When we operate in other cities (Lima, Nazca, Paracas, Puno y Arequipa), we select the best tourism companies whose share with our objectives, high quality and personalized service and whose has qualify employment.

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